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Robert's first book was his Just Mini Desserts Recipe Book that included over 40 different delicious concoctions of Robert's design. After the success of that publication, he wrote Just Tasting (for appetizers), Just Mini Cocktails (for drinks), Just Baking (for comfort food), and he has a series of other books on the docket that are being written as we speak.

This trend that Robert is exploring is entertaining your friends with small servings of delectable dishes that allow for a fun, sampling environment. Everyone relaxes, has a good time, and tries new things. Even better, the host isn't stressed out by having to prepare complicated menu items. All of Robert's recipes are simple, easy, and quick to make.

Robert has since published books on Home Decor ideas using glass and a book on Craft Brews (identifying the right glass for the right beer, along with a food pairing guide).


Just Desserts Just Tasting Just Mini Cocktails Just Baking Home Decor Craft Brews

Cookbooks are $15.00 or you can get any 2 for $20.00 plus tax & shipping.